Featured Books


Growing Wild by Kathryn Vigness

A thriving career, happy marriage, and balanced, well-rounded children. Picturesque. Social media-worthy. But what few knew is that by her twenties, Kathryn Vigness had already lived a life full of pain and heartache. At age 15, she had survived a tragic car accident in rural Minnesota, flying through the windshield of her high school sweetheart's car and sustaining life-threatening injuries that left her not only physically, but spiritually, shattered. After the accident, a startling secret sends Kathryn on a decade-long journey for validation.


Beyond Math Anxiety by Molli Osburn, M.A.

In 99 Insights, Molli the Math Lady takes the reader through a holistic approach to exploring math anxiety, including the use of spiritual tools such as meditation. In addition, the topic of women and minorities in math and science is addressed through a progressive lens, taking on contemporary social and political issues as appropriate.


Be a Badass by Kareen Walsh

Badass moments don’t come from continuing to question what you should do; they come from getting into action, raising your fulfillment factor, and letting go of what no longer serves you. In this book, you will be able to leverage six tools that help you get clarity on what it is that you really want, map out how to get there, and how to clear the clutter that is stopping you from achieving it right now.